Welcome to Emerald Coast Digital

Emerald Coast Digital is the area’s first full service digital only marketing agency, based in Northwest Florida. Our mission is to equip small and medium-sized businesses in our market with the same marketing tools and expertise that are fueling success for thousands of businesses online.

Our advantage is our 11 years of digital media experience and deep understanding of this local market and the uniqueness of each community along the Emerald Coast. We have been serving the businesses, residents and visitors of the area with great success and want to continue by helping you. We know the challenges that are rare to the Emerald Coast, and we know how to connect with the potential customers who live or visit here.

With a strong background of military, media, hospitality and event management we are able to relate to our local customer’s needs. By combining the local touch together with our fulfillment partners, we can offer a suite of digital marketing services that has driven success for thousands.

Our approach gives your business a strong advantage –

  1. Measurable and Targeted Strategy
  2. Put relevant ads in front of your targeted audience
  3. Implement Conversion Rate Optimization
  4. A/B Test. Learn from your results and optimize with an improvement strategy in line with client goals
  5. We will meet with you monthly so that you know how your campaign is doing.
  6. We provide our clients with a 24/7 dashboard.
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A performance-driven approach to your digital marketing