Are you leveraging precise targeting capabilities in order to reach consumers most likely to be interested in your products and services?

Potential customers can be reached via online marketing and email targeting for both Web and mobile devices: increase your exposure; increase traffic to your site; generate leads; improve your search rank; grow business partnerships and develop loyal fans; improve your sales!

  • Search Retargeting

    Target consumers based on their recently searched keywords on sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Conquest retargeting serves your ads to consumers who were recently searching for your competitors.

  • Mobile Geofencing

    Reach on-the-go consumers in your area. Target consumers based on their proximity to your store. Your mobile ad is served and expands to a full-screen mobile splash page with multiple, and trackable, calls to action.

  • Social Media Targeting

    Reach best potential local customers based on their interests on leading social media sites.

  • Email Marketing

    Get results by targeting B2C, B2B lists at Zip-level (targeting by ZIP code) and by various demographics.

  • SEM

    Utilize Search Engine Marketing to target the top three spots on major search engines. Elevate your online presence and promote your website and products via pay per click advertising on Google and Bing

  • Did You Know. . .

    88% of SMB’s believe social media does or will impact their business.

    85% of local consumers search online for business information.